Dialogues and Interactivity: Games and the Ancient World CfP

Call for Proposals (ASCS 44, Feb 2023)

Video and tabletop games are an exciting space of classical reception and one that is growing as an object of scholarly attention. Video games conjure recreated worlds with dynamic actors and lavishly modelled material culture. Board games present structural simulations of slices of the ancient life and history. Tabletop roleplaying games and larps invite players to inhabit or embody individual ancient figures from or inspired by history or myth. Through the interactivity inherent in all these ludic forms, players engage with the ancient world in original, creative, pre-determined, and transgressive ways—sometimes all at once.

On behalf of the organisers of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS) 44th Annual Meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand, proposals are invited on any topic that explores the relationship between modern video and tabletop games and the study of ancient Greece, Rome and adjacent cultures. The goal is to assemble an exciting collaboration that showcases and places in dialogue the range of interactions between games and the classical world taking place in research, pedagogy and scholarly practice. The exact form of the “panel(s)” will be determined by the proposals submitted.

Please direct questions and preliminary proposals of 200-300 words to Dr. Hamish Cameron (hamish.r.cameron@vuw.ac.nz). Please indicate whether you imagine your contribution as a full-length paper, a lightning talk, a demonstration, or some other kind of engagement with the theme. Proposals are due by July 1, 2022. ASCS 44 will be conducted in person in Christchurch, New Zealand in early February 2023, with Zoom as a backup.

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